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climbOn SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen

By climbOn

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Our sunscreen good enough for humans, environment and animals.  The FDA approved sunscreen agent in this product is the non-nano zinc oxide. However, every ingredient used in this formulation is considered a sunscreen. One ingredient, Red Raspberry Seed oil (Rubus idaeus) is known to contain a high level of EFA's (essential fatty acids) which research shows to be connected with reduction of the effects of oxidative stress in the body. It also exhibits anti-inflammatory properties. It may also act as a broad spectrum UVA and UVB shield. Of course, this statement has not been approved by the FDA.

If you want heavy protection, leave this lotion thicker and whiter on your skin. If you don't want the white, simply smooth it into the skin for UVA and UVB protection.

Remember to apply enough prior to going outside and reapply after being in the water or sweating.

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