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What does 100% natural mean to us?

When we say it’s natural, we mean we used the oil extracted from the blueberry or we used the blueberry itself in our product. We will never use a derivative of that blueberry that was created in a laboratory - - that’s not natural to us! Trust me…it’s not easy to make truly natural products like we do. We are constantly adjusting for seasonal changes in the consistency of the ingredients. Each time we receive a batch of tuberose wax, wheat germ oil, organic rose hip seed oil, etc. it looks slightly different. "Why?" you may ask. Because truly natural ingredients vary depending on the season, pollination, soil, temperature, water, altitude, etc. Slight variations in color, smell, and consistency let you know you are getting 100% natural ingredients in a product.


What motivates us to create natural products? It’s a fact that our skin is the largest surface organ of the body.


What is put on the outside DOES make a difference and DOES go into the body.


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