Can Climb On! be frozen?

Posted on July 09, 2013 by Polly Glasse | 0 comments

Can climbOn be frozen?I had mine delivered when I was not home, in -30 deg. C weather. Will this damage the product?

Is the product frozen solid?If yes, just leave a room temperature.  The climbOn Creme will be best if you massage it as it melts so it re-emulsifies. (sticks together) Otherwise, you will probably have separation. it’s not bad, just what truly natural ingredients will do when they hit extreme temps.I would watch the bar. It may or may not dry out as it heats up.The products do go out in cold weather but that’s pretty cold.Last thing is for your peace of mind. If the product is good, it will smell good. If it’s gone bad, it will smell bad. They are food grade ingredients so it’s easy to tell.


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