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SKINourishment Teams up with The Weekend Warrior - Justin Fricke

A little over a week ago Justin Fricke of The Weekend Warrior posted an unsolicited review of the climbOn Bar. Justin purchased the climbOn skeptically and was so impressed he felt compelled to share it with his audience. Before posting the review he contacted us with a few questions about what we mean when we say synthetic free, all natural and food grade. We gave Justin a crash course to share with his audience. After reading Justin's post we were really impressed with what he came up with in such a short period. He presented us with an opportunity to partner with him on his upcoming trip!

Here's what Justin has to say about his upcoming adventures,

For any of you that follow my blog, you know that traveling and surfing are very significant in my life. Every year I put those two together and go on a weeklong surf trip with some dude friends and this year we’re going to El Salvador, again.

Sure we’ll be surfing some world class waves, but the best news about this trip has got be to be that we’ve partnered with SKINourishment for this trip and they’re sending us off with some awesome swag. Having been to El Salvador already, I know we’re going to put their sunscreen to good use. I’m a little skeptical about it being synthetic free, but then again I was skeptical about the ClimbOn! Bar and now I love that thing. I know I’ll be using a bunch of the chap stick to heal my lips that are inevitably going to get fried. Hopefully the synthetic free product will do just the trick.

I think the product most everyone is excited to use would have to be the crossFIXE muscle paste. There’s only four of us on the trip (myself included) that are under the age of 25 and everyone else is 40+ years old, so needless to say that the “old guys” are going to be putting this stuff to good use.

Stay tuned for some updates during the trip and new product reviews once I get back! Follow Justin on Twitter.

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