Fitting into Cross Training by Shanae Heard

Posted on June 11, 2014 by Will Reynolds Young | 1 comment
I'm back!!! The last time I wrote, I was in the very beginning of my cross training journey. It's been 6 months and so much has happened. I've hit many PR's and seen physical changes. More importantly, I've learned so much about myself.
I went into cross training expecting so much. I was so excited to have a box and a coach. I wanted to get a 6 pack, learn to stand and everything. I was like a kid on a shopping spree, I wanted to grab everything on the shelf of Fitness. I'm realizing that Fitness is not a matter of grabbing from the shelf but bringing the shelf to you. My cross training tailors me. 

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A story of Climbing For Change by Landon Faulkner

Posted on February 18, 2014 by Will Reynolds Young | 0 comments
Landon Faulkner walking in snowshoesThe crunch of the snow was muted by the ripping wind that bit at our faces. The final push to the summit of Brokeoff Mountain seemed overly laborious due to the wind and snow that seemed to encircle us with each step. I stopped to catch my breath and check our altitude, "400 vertical feet to the summit" I yelled to Andrew who was about 30 feet behind me. He gave me a thumbs up letting me know the message had not gotten lost in the wind. Looking around me everything was white; Lassen Volcanic National Park was living up to the winter wonderland that I had read about.

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