Climbing Hand Care and 10 Things I Hate About climbOn Bar/Creme by Jeline Guiles

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Climbing Hand Care and 10 Things I Hate About climbOn Bar and Creme by Guest Contributor Jeline Guiles

As a female climber, hand care is essential. Call me high maintenance, but when the palms of my hands sound like sandpaper when rubbed on a t-shirt, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

climbOn bar in handsSo what does my hand care routine consist of, you ask? First, I make sure to wash off all the chalk from my hands after I'm done climbing. Sometimes this takes a couple of times (with soap) to get all the chalk off. The chalk residue will continue to dry out your hands if you don't get it all, so be sure to wash your hands as many times as it takes. Then, I slap on some climbOn! creme as a moisturizer. If I'm going to bed, I use the climbOn! bar because it seems to stay on longer, helping the skin repair quicker.

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Cross Training Hand Care

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Cross Training Hand Care

Kettle Bell Hands

Let us get real for a moment; lifting and gymnastics are hardcore. As with any heavy duty workout; it will take awhile for the hands to toughen. Therefore, in the meantime you might experience torn or flayed skin. Also, even seasoned Cross Trainers might on a rare occasion end up with bloodied hands because of the intensity of the workout, et cetera. However, have no fear because the solution is quite simple.

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Coffee In the Wilderness by Michael Restivo

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Coffee In the Wilderness By Guest Contributor Michael Restivo


The Bialetti is an Italian icon. It’s the iconic metal pot that has a revered place in pop culture. The Bialetti is unique in the fact that the pressure is pushed up from under the pot, resulting in a creamier, thicker, and more caffeine rich blend than drip coffee. The Bialetti breaks into three parts, the bottom pot, the middle filter and the top chamber so it’s very easy to break and stow away. To use, the bottom pot gets filled with water while the coffee grinds are inserted onto the middle filter and then set between the water and the screwed on top chamber. As the water heats up over the fire, the pressure pushes upwards through the beans, and only the pure essence of the coffee flows off the top. The Bialetti can make coffee in different ways, those who like theirs creamier take their pot off sooner while others can opt for the “Americano” style, the thick espresso with a splash of water over the top.

The outdoor industry is creating products that make campsite coffee tastier, easier to make, and easily transportable.

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