SKINourishment Sponsors Climb for Christian Mason

Posted on September 20, 2013 by Will Reynolds Young | 0 comments

SKINourishment provided baskets to raffle off to support the fundraising efforts of injured climber Christian Mason. Christian has a scary story and it's great to see how the rock climbing community came together to support his recovery efforts.

Christian Mason was rock climbing in Colorado on August 16th when he was hit by rockfall resulting in a 50-60 foot fall. He sustained multiple injuries, including a fractured C2, a crushed T6 & T7, a fractured scapula and left skull, broken ribs, and a punctured lung.

Team SKINourishment Athletes Jonathan Siegrist and Tommy Caldwell were route setting nearby and assisted in the rescue of Christan.

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Kat Carr rides Driveway Series & Tour of Austin

Posted on August 27, 2013 by Will Reynolds Young | 0 comments

Team SKINourishment Athlete Kat Carr is coming into town from Salt Lake City Utah to ride the final Miller64 Days of Summer in the Pure Austin Driveway Racing Series of the year. She will also ride the Tour De Austin!

This Thursday evening (August 29, 2013) Pro Cyclist and Team SKINourishment Athlete Kat Carr will ride the Driveway Series. Tonight is the final race in the Mini Series Miller64 Days of Summer of the Driveway Races. The Driveway Races series continues till October 17th put on by our friends at Holland Racing.

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