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climbOn Bug Drug - 4oz/113g

By climbOn

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100% Pure, synthetic- free insect repellent. Non-toxic, biodegradable, super effective.


Shake well. Great for kids, animals or adults.


One main ingredient in this product is catnip essential oil. Canadian catnip, to be specific, which contains a higher amount of nepetalactone, (80%) than other catnip essential oils (25-35%).  Why don't most companies use catnip essential oil in their insect repellents?  It's $800 USD for 16 oz.  We do what's right for humans, beasts and our environment. 

This product has successfully been used in the Amazon, Phillipines and many other hot, exotic places where mosquitos like to live.  It works effectively on getting those pesky ants to leave as well!

Each ingredients is powerful..combine them all together for a powerful yet non-toxic bug repellent.


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