ClimbOn RIDICULOUS! Soak - 10 oz

By climbOn

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  1. 100% plants + Sea salt + Food grade ingredients + Vegan
  2. Works Fast to soothe tension
  3. 0 synthetics, water or alcohol
  4. Safe for adults, kids, animals + planet
  5. NON-GMO + Cruelty-Free
  6. Sugar cane jar



This is incredibly RIDICULOUS! 10 oz of soothing crystals for your soak. Rub about 1 tsp into sore or stiff joints, muscles. then toss into the tub. It's like being on a cloud. Helps tremendously with stiffness or soreness. Follow up with RIDICULOUS! Spray or Balm for the complete package.  It's definitely addictive but in a good way. Safe for a hot tub!



Same amazing essential oil and herbal ingredients as the RIDICULOUS! Spray and MUSCLE Balm but in a base of organic, dead sea salts that are also loaded with minerals to help your body release tension and soreness.

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