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100 Uses of climbOn.

In no particular order 100 uses of climbOn Bar / climbOn Creme. Multiple use products are important to us!
  1. Cuts
  2. Burns
  3. Scrapes
  4. Eczema
  5. Psoriasis
  6. Chapped Lips (Submitted by Justin and Kim)
  7. Chapped Cheeks
  8. Tissue Nose
  9. Cracked Cuticles
  10. Callouses
  11. Blisters
  12. Cracked Heels
  13. Dry and flaky skin
  14. Rough Elbows
  15. Hair Conditioner
  16. Turtle Shell
  17. Doggie Pads (Submitted by Erin)
  18. Diaper Rash (Submitted by Alonna)
  19. Cradle Cap
  20. In grown toe nails
  21. Bug Bites
  22. Poison Ivy 
  23. Dog bites
  24. Shoe Polish
  25. Leather Polish
  26. Make up Remover
  27. Gashes
  28. Road Rash (Submitted by Jon)
  29. Chaffing
  30. Sunburn
  31. Windburn
  32. Skin pain
  33. Roseacea
  34. Garden Hose Lubricator
  35. Zipper Unstick
  36. Chigger Bites
  37. Canine Hot Spot
  38. Doggy Rash
  39. doggy gashes (Submitted by @HUWJames)
  40. Flat Tire Lube
  41. Strech Marks
  42. Dish Washer Hands
  43. Ripped Palms
  44. scars
  45. chemical burns
  46. bald head
  47. face cream (Submitted by Elizabeth)
  48. foot cream (Submitted by Neil)
  49. sore hands (Submitted by Paul)
  50. cross training (Submitted by Chase)
  51. tough cuticles (Submitted by Kam)
  52. rough knuckles
  53. gymnastics
  54. slack lining
  55. parkour
  56. free running
  57. kayaking
  58. dragon boating
  59. blacksmithing (Submitted by Cheryl)
  60. climbOn lid to replace oil lid (Submitted by Jack)
  61. Fixing a stubborn zipper (Submitted by Anne)
  62. Beer brewing (Submitted by Mike)
  63. Ninja Warrior
and counting... What's yours? Connect with us and share!

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