Fruit of Life Organic Olive Oil Soap Bar - 4oz/113g

By Old Factory Soap

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The Organic Fruit of Life organic olive oil soap bar is an evolving soap that incorporates another fruit essential oil with each new version. It's goal is to feature 12 different fruit essential oils that work in harmony to create the 13th fruit, the Fruit of Life.  The list of essential oils used in the most recent 4th edition are;

  • Lemon, Lime, Orange,
  • Tangerine, Grapefruit, Bergamot,
  •  Hand Made Wild Crafted Juniper Berry Tincture, Vanilla
  • and Organic White Wine in place of water

In esoteric geometrical terms, the Fruit of Life is a pattern of 13 circles derived from the Flower of Life. Connecting the center of one circle to every other circle gives you a pattern called Metatron's Cube (Named after an archangel). Within Metatron's Cube you will find all 5 of Plato's Three-Dimensional solids. This is what 3rd-dimensional reality seems  to be made of from atoms and molecules, to all life, to the entire universe.

The plan for our Fruit of Life Organic soap is one of building and refinement, movement and repose. As we choose the characters we add them in as equal notes. When all 12 notes are decided their ratios and their contributions to the scent and the soap will be adjusted and refined. This is how all our signature scents are created, in a way. The spirit of the perfume is already there waiting in future. It's just a matter of listening to it and finding out who it is.

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