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Hand Sanitizer 4 oz

By SKINourishment SPA

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So popular so we brought it back. A true hand sanitizer. Not one that has penetration enhancers in it to force open your skin so all the bacteria it's supposed to be killing for you can go right on in. (YIKES)

Ingredients: Active - Isopropyl alcohol. FDA says we have to have that ingredient (or a synthetic one) in order to call it a hand sanitizer. :)

We also added great natural bacteria and microbe fighters of ORGANIC cinnamon and lemon essential oils in a base of ORGANIC aloe vera gel so it will not dry out your skin.


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My youngest sister is allergic to all other hand sanitizers... She has sensitive skin and this all natural, chemical free hand sanitizer is the only thing she does not break out in. She takes it to school and leaves in her backpack:)))

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